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Clients are Saying:


From the Illinois State Commission Leader Retreat:

·        Jeff and Francesca were awesome! They made us feel so comfortable and engaged.

·        I have participated in a lot of different leadership activities previously. However, this training brought new depth to a lot of the activities and the discussions were insightful and meaningful. Facilitating 50 plus people is difficult and I was extremely impressed with your abilities to make it interesting.

·        The adeptness of Jeff and Fran to allow people to make conclusions and observations after the activities without directing the discussion towards the "right" answers.

·        I  thought this was a great experience and that every AmeriCorps member should go thru this retreat.


From Numerous Trainings and Keynote Presentations:

·    I'd attend a thousand workshops by Jeff...I really enjoyed him and his input.

·    Great workshop. Plenty to take home with us.

·    Jeff is charismatic and teaches by example.

·    Informative, the circle helps open communication. Working together moving around kept me awake and was fun. I could have listened to you and interacted in the group all afternoon.

·    I like Jeff's passion for the subject matter.

·    Very interactive, engaging, Jeff's expertise and calm teaching style is very effective.

·    Tremendous presentation. Great audience involvement. Enjoyed the paired sharing.

·    You have great humor.

·    Thanks for your dedication to this work. You are a great teacher/trainer.




Recent Clients Include:


Illinois Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service

Iowa State Office of the Corporation for National Service

Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service

Rhode Island Service Alliance

Brown University

Colorado Governor's Commission

Notre Dame Mission Volunteers

Providence College

University of Colorado at Boulder's Environmental Center

Ohio Community Service Council

Colorado Promise Fellows

I Have a Dream Foundation

Hands on Denver Service-Learning Summit

CHP International



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